New Guitarist to the Rescue!

Hey Guys!

This is my second blog. This time I was supporting Lilly Hiatt at Nell’s in West Kensington. Started the day calmly and was looking forward to the gig, and then I got a call telling me that my accompanist had been taken ill! Panic set in and many phone calls were made! Luckily I managed to get hold of Chris who played Guitar on the live session of ‘Coming from the Other Side’. He was amazing and we managed to put a set together in about 5 hours! I want to say thanks to Chris for helping me out so last minute!

The gig was fun, and because I was playing with Chris it was different but I think it was great! I supported Lilly last year so it was great to see her again. She’s really lovely and she played with a full band which was great to see. Really enjoyed watching her play! The picture below is of Lilly and I.

Thats about all this time round!

Till next time!

M x