Chris Spedding’s gig review

First on was Molly Armstrong: a young singer-songwriter who was accompanied by Treana Morris, formerly of the Wire Daisies on acoustic guitar and backing vocals. Her first song was about Falling From The Other Side and it grabbed the attention of most of the audience, sounding pretty heartfelt and real.

She then told a heartbreaking story about how her mum had died 3 years ago and how the song was about dealing with the loss of a parent at an early age. This was very emotional and had lots of guts behind it; a very good performance and she did look like she might start to cry at one point.

She then introduced a new song Liar about how your flat mate might want to be more than a flat mate. It also felt as though it came from personal experience which certainly helped as she started to remind me of a cross between Alanis Morrisette and Dolores O’Riordan both vocally rather than lyrically. She has a good powerful voice and thankfully something to say.